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The difference between “Classroom French” and “Real Life French”

The difference between "Classroom French" and "Real Life French"

This is one of the great mystery of french language learning (or any language learning!). How come there is such a huge gap between what Mrs Harrison the French language teacher in High School, who was supposed to be fluent, taught me and what I first experienced in real life in France?

Two conclusions: or what your teacher taught you was outdated and not connected to reality, or maybe reality is just wrong.

Well, let’s assume that even if reality is not as we wish it was, we have no choice but dealing with it.

Fiction versus Reality

And what is the reality? It is landing at Charles-De-Gaulle airport, waiting in line to have your passport checked by a custom officer and even though you learned french for many years, not even being able to understand exactly what he tells you.

Sure, you guess what he wants: your passport.

But will your entire French-speaking experience will be a matter of guessing instead of understanding?

The problem is obvious. When you were learning French in a classroom, your main goal was to make sure you would get a good grade for your exam. And not only it was your goal, it was also your teacher’s!

Now, when you stay in our French immersion school, your target is being able to communicate with native speakers of the language, not getting at least a B+.

The solution: total immersion in a French environment

Your next step in this process of making French language your own is by speaking it and being in situations that will leave you no choice than opening your ears to integrate the french words, grammar, not just through books, but by being immersed in a French language class and environment.

Don’t feel like all those years learning french in a classroom has been a total waste of time. Not at all. It certainly serve as some kind of basis on which you will be able to build a more authentic french, that is more related to the vocabulary, the expressions, and the accents you will encounter while in France, reading French or watching a French movie. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discover more abour our offers.