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French and Cooking Courses for beginners

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WEEK FROM €1.730


You will notice that we include an option to share a room. If you are coming on your own and wish to make use of the shared room rate, we will make every effort to place you with a guest who has made a similar request. However, single room rates will apply if we are unable to pair you with another guest.



For a more economical option, you can stay with a host family in the neighborhood. This off-site accommodation is a short walk from the Villa Beaulieu (15mn on foot maximum). Breakfast is taken with the host family, while lunches and dinners are shared with other guests and instructors at the Villa Beaulieu.


2024 Prices for French and Cooking Courses (beginners)

Amounts in brackets represent the deposit required.
Shared Room on-site €1.730 (€150) / add €1180 per week
Single Room on-site €1.900 (€150) / add €1.350 per week
Room off-site €1.470 (€150) / add €1.050 per week
+ Extra Activities

Extra Activities with extra cost


with our in-house Chef

Tuesday 1.30pm – 2.30pm
Wednesday 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Thursday 1.30pm – 2.30pm


with a teacher, 4 options available

Wednesday 2.00pm – 5.00pm


at David Grand Spa (website)


Start your mornings from Monday – Friday in our Beginners Group language classes and in the afternoons (except Wednesday), our in-house chef will guide you through delicious regional French recipes in our Cooking School in France.

If you are new to French and also want to learn French cooking skills, then this is the course for you. In the mornings you attend the Beginners Group language classes and in the afternoons the Cookery course.

The French classes are taught by professional, native French-speaking tutors and have a maximum of 6 per class. Learn formal and informal French, with an emphasis on conversational skills. We consider you a complete beginner if your result on our French Test is 7 or less.

The cooking course takes place in a relaxed and warm atmosphere on site at Villa Beaulieu. It is aimed at those who love presentation or those extra details that give your dishes that special something. Our Chef’s imagination has led him to invent some delicious, but easy to follow, dishes that will enchant your palate, awaken your tastebuds and delight your friends at your next dinner party!

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15 hours language: Mon-Fri 9.15am-12.15pm (group class) PLUS
12 hours cooking: four afternoons 4.30pm-7.00pm



Pour le plaisir des végétariens

Méli-Mélo de légumes croustillants
Lasagnes aux légumes du soleil


Pour le plaisir des pescatariens

Mousseline de poisson, crème d’ail et purée de chou-fleur bicolore
Soufflé glacé au Grand Marnier


Pour le plaisir des gourmets

Galettes de courgettes croquantes
Ballotines de volaille au comté, rosace de légumes de saison


Pour le plaisir des bistronomes

Filets de maquereau en croûte de pain d’épices, crème de lentilles vertes du Puy
Paradis chocolaté et son cœur au caramel

The Art of Cooking School in France

French cuisine is synonymous with quality, diversity and refinement all over the world. Although there are several cooking schools abroad to discover what gives the «French Touch», many professionals in the sector believe that the best place to study French cuisine remains in France. France has many well-known gourmet restaurants, Michelin-starred chefs and different schools, depending on the type of cuisine you want to learn to make

There is something for everyone. Maybe it is the prestigious cooking schools in France, that offer courses of quality recognized worldwide and that allow to learn to cook in the tradition and the atmosphere of the French cuisine. Maybe it is the cooking schools that are more accessible, that allow you to learn how to make a more traditional and popular cuisine, by taking inspiration from the seasons and local products, to make appetizing and gourmet recipes. This is the case at our school. Our team invites you to discover French cuisine with our teachers, who will teach you the vocabulary, expressions, social and cultural codes related to cooking and meals. Our in-house chef will teach you how to make varied, aesthetic recipes, composed of local and tasty ingredients.

In France, cooking is a profession, an art of living and a social ritual. It brings creativity, conviviality and pleasure. It is probably for this reason that it is part of the daily life of the French and that it is exported to many foreign countries.French cooking has had and continues to have a great influence on world gastronomy. While each country has its own culinary specialities that are part of its identity, France has achieved world renown,  thanks to the superior quality of its dishes, the diversity of its regional products and the exceptional work of its cooks.

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France exports several high-end products such as wine, champagne, cheese, pastry, chocolate, cold cuts, etc. but it also exports its know-how since there are many high-end restaurants abroad. If this is a something that interests you, you have a chance to discover French cuisine abroad. Discovering it in France is incomparable. What could be better than learning to cook like the French, with the help of a chef who knows the traditional products, techniques and know-how, unique to France ? What could be better than cooking with quality ingredients coming directly from the country, the region or the city and its surroundings? This language school is where you can also learn to cook.