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What you need to focus on when learning a new language

What you need to focus on when learning a new language

Hello lovers of France and French and new learners of the language of Molière! Today, we present you what you need to focus on when learning a new language.

Pour chaque langue que l’on parle, on vit une nouvelle vie. Celui qui ne connaît qu’une seule langue ne vit qu’une seule fois” – proverbe tchèque

Yes, learning a new language leads to opening up to a new culture. In addition, it is an excellent way to boost your memory and help your mental health.

 Your motivation

Whatever your aim, take time to list each of your motivations to practice this new language in our French immersion school. When it is clear enough, you will involve yourself fully in your new activity and it will make the difference.

The time factor

Learning a new language requires perseverance and time. Often, lack of time is given as the first barrier for language learning. To speak the truth, it is a false excuse! It is really about priorities. Each week, organize a moment in your agenda specifically dedicated to your new activity: minimum 3 times a week of short sessions from 30 minutes to an hour. Take also advantage of all your time: listen to French while waiting for an appointment, on public transport or while driving. Let it be part of your daily routine.

Your pleasure

Finding time for a new activity is often easier when it gives you pleasure. The more relaxed you’ll be in the process of learning, the more benefits you’ll get from your work. Choose activities linked to your personal interests and set feasible goals. Also, step back on your errors: to learn how to walk, it is necessary to learn how to fall! Your errors will teach you a lot and will help you to make progress in your practice. Be indulgent with yourself! Try to use your new linguistic skills as soon as possible so you’ll take pleasure in sharing them.

And, why not plan a full immersion stay?

Choose an adapted course fitted to meet your special needs and requirements. Find a school where services and teaching are personalized and which provides well-being and caring.

We wish you good luck!