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Bye bye 2020 !! At this stage, conditions are still too uncertain, we want our guests to travel safely and be secure at the villa. Next opening is planned on June 6, 2021. fingers crossed !
FROM NOW,  book your 2021 French Course in France

Online French Courses

If you want to keep working on your French or support the school, our teachers are available for Skype lessons. All the details available here:
Online French Courses

You might have learned French when you were younger in school or at the University. Speaking French sounds so beautiful, and you wanted to be a part of those who had the privilege of having access to this world of culture with its literature, movies, philosophy, and so much more.
But you also had to face reality. Learning how to speak, read and understand French was not going as you hoped it would be. The first weeks were going fine, but the further you went into the learning process, the more you were confronted with difficulties that seemed insurmountable.
You felt probably like giving up, disgusted with the French language you hoped you never start learning.
But still, years later, you felt like maybe you didn’t study hard enough, or maybe didn’t get the correct method and the good courses that would have matched you needs and expectations.

L'École des Trois Ponts: The place for French courses

Don’t worry if you recognize yourself in this description. Many of our adult students are in the same situation.

We wanted to make sure that this time, you will get the best opportunity to learn French the best way possible.

L'École des Trois Ponts is now world renowned for its French courses, as we focus and teaching French is small groups, that allow each student to learn at its own path with no rush.

Learning French at your own path doesn’t mean that you are learning slowly, quite the contrary. It means that we make sure that what you learned is locked into your brain to you can use it later with ease.

French courses in total immersion

The other aspect of the efficiency of our courses, is that you are in total immersion in a French-speaking environment that will require from you to use French in your daily life at L'École des Trois Ponts.

You will find yourself finding words and placing them in the correct phrase with the correct grammar, without even thinking twice. It is quite surprising at the beginning but this is one important effect of immersion: it forces your brain to dig deeper to help you find words that will allow you to get out of a linguistic difficulty.

Our courses are based on this method, and we found out that even after months and years, it provides to our students a way to remember a much wider vocabulary that will come naturally when needed, allow also to build sentences that follow a correct grammar, and overall let them be independent while speaking French.

Once back home, you will feel more confident to get back to improving your French skills by watching movies or reading books.

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