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Roanne, the heart of the art of French cuisine

Roanne, the heart of the art of French cuisine

Our school is located in Roanne, and for a very simple reason: our region can be considered (at least by us) as the living heart of French cuisine.

Not far away from Lyon, our area is the home of some of the greatest cooks and restaurants in the world, holding with pride their 3 stars in the famous “Guide Michelin”.

Not only that, we also harbor some very exceptional individuals called “Meilleurs ouvriers de France” (France best workers) that is a title that very few people hold that is given to those that have shown outstanding skills in their field of expertise of craftsmanship and, in our case, gastronomy.

Among them, we must mention Hervé Mons, certainly France’s best cheese expert. He is the son of Hubert Mons who started selling cheese on open markets in 1964, coming from Auvergne, a region renowned for cheese. We, at our cooking school, savor Mons cheeses as often as possible.

Since then, the small family business as spread all over the world, in 20 countries, from Dubai to Norway, and from the U.S. to Australia.

Roanne is also the home of our local wine, the “Côte Roannaise”, that has a “AOC” label (AOC stands for “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”), that guarantees its protected designation of origin. Probably dating back to the roman invasion of Gaul, the vineyard has first been mentioned in a 970 ancient text, showing the old winery tradition of the region.

A little up North of Roanne, the small town of Charlieu is the home of a delicacy called “Andouille de Charlieu”. This oval shaped “sausage” is a mix of pork meat, intestine, heart, red wine and spices. Most of the time, to enjoy the andouille, it is prepared, cooked in a oven, bathing in white wine and served with potatoes.

If Roanne is rooted into tradition, the last trend of food are also available. François Pralus, a master chocolatier, is certainly the symbol of modernity and inventivity. His masterpiece is the Praluline, an exclusive chocolate and pralin brioche.

You now have an entire new set of reasons to come and see us at “Ecole des Trois Ponts”.