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France: more than one reason to smile when you say “Cheese”!

Ecole des 3 Ponts : Cooking School in France

We already mentioned cheese in one of our previous article.

But do you really think that one article is enough to talk about the French passion for this dairy delicacy? Certainly not!

A French class in France is not complete without a lesson about cheese, in a real Cooking School In France, and a French cooking lesson is simple an insult to the concept of “cuisine” if cheese is not a part of it.

And, of course, a blog about cooking in France is not conceivable if we don’t write about cheese more than once.

For any American born human being, the idea of cheese is often pretty narrow. Most of the time, this idea is limited to a yellow square, and an orange slice in a cheeseburger.

In France, it is quite the opposite. Changing your view about what cheese is all about is not that difficult: you just need to step in a “fromagerie”, a cheese store. 

This holy temple, dedicated to cheese in all its shapes and tastes, is pure heaven to any cheese lover.

The very first thing that will strike you the second you put your foot inside is the intense smell. More than an odor, it is a strong perfume, that wakes up any sleeping taste buds.

For the past ten years, cheese stores have redesigned their interior to make it look like a boutique. You literally pace in the middle of cheese.

Once you’re in, ask for some advice from the “fromager”, the cheese monger. Your French lessons in France will be very useful at this moment. Most of the time, they will not speak a word of English or just with a very limited vocabulary.

Even if the communication might be difficult, don’t worry: the passion for cheese will be an excellent common ground to start a fruitful dialogue around camembert, vacherin, emmental, bleu d’auvergne, etc.

The time spent learning French in France will find its perfect reason at this moment, and your palate will be graceful to you for many years to come.