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French Cooking Courses

Hiking while speaking French, at Roanne

Looking for the best French language Holidays ? Spice it up with some cooking

You finally made up you mind. After postponing this little dream of yours for so long, it is finally time to fulfill it. The best holidays ever are what you have been looking for an eternity.

What really makes great holidays ?

But what are the best holidays ever ? A cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, going from Athens in Greece to Bari in Italy, and from Monaco near the French Riviera to Barcelona in Spain ? Or maybe just resting on the white sand of the most beautiful beach of the Pacific Ocean in Bora Bora ? It could be something else. Not just to rest.

You need to make your brain work, and come back from your holidays changed in an unexpected way, improving your skills in several fields.

Making your dream of speaking French become a reality

Your dream is to speak French, or at the very least improving it enough to have a decent conversation. Your next holidays will not follow the regular path and you will end up in a French course in France. The need for a total immersion in France is the best way for you to finally get to that breaking point by gaining enough self confidence.

Cooking courses in French

Away from Paris, in the heart of France, near Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, in an environment that is fully focused on one simple goal: building up your French language skills by putting you in a situation where you have no other choice than speaking French in France.

Still, French language holidays are not enough to make it exciting enough to invest in a trip. How to make it “the very best” and get the most out of your time in a Cooking School In France?

Just by simply adding another feature like French cooking lessons. Is there a better way to use what you just learned in the classroom ?

By putting together what France has best to offer, its language and its cuisine, you will live an extraordinary experience, that will fill up your brain with French words and recipes, and your stomach with great food.

If you want to know more about L’École des Trois Ponts and how you can immerse in the French language, here is your first step for French Cooking Courses.