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The Roannais, a starred territory


The Ecole des Trois Ponts has been established in the Roanne area for more than 30 years! In addition to learning the language, the school’s aim is to help students discover the French way of life, the know-how and villages of Roanne, not forgetting French gastronomy.

On this last point, the region is not to be outdone! Indeed, we are lucky enough to welcome several restaurants referenced by the Michelin Guide but especially starred ones!

The Restaurant Trois Gros*** is no longer a restaurant to be introduced, its influence is now worldwide. Historically based in Roanne, in front of the train station, the restaurant has moved to Ouches in the countryside only a few kilometers from the school. Several menus are to be discovered, evolving with the seasons. During your stay at the school, don’t hesitate to experience a 3 star meal.

In the heart of Ambierle, a village of character and winegrowers, Le Prieuré* and its star are located in front of the 15th century Benedictine priory, offering a view of the glazed tiles of the Abbey. If you pass by this restaurant, take advantage of this gourmet break to visit the beautiful village of Ambierle.

In March 2023, two new restaurants in Roanne received a star : the Château D’Origny* in Ouches and the Restaurant de la Loire* in Pouilly sous Charlieu. These two restaurants are accessible by taxi from the school. Little nuggets to discover during your stay!