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Learning French easily: the difficulties and how to overcome them

Where to learn French? At l'Ecole des 3 Ponts

There are so many reasons to learn French. The first one is very simple: the beauty of the language, the way it sounds. The French simply need to say a few words to turn any simple and casual phrase into poetry to any foreign hear. French literature is also another excellent reason why anyone would like to learn the French language.

Being able to read Victor Hugo, Emile Zola or Marcel Proust in their original version would be a total thrill. Another art in which the French have excelled is cinema. So many fantastic French movies that would be even better without the need to read the subtitles in English.

Just one of those reasons would be good enough to push anyone into a French immersion school.

The French language, hard to learn, rewarding to speak

But how hard and difficult this language is. How frustrating it can be to make for the thousandth time the same mistake. Once again, hesitating between “le” or “la”, “un” or “une”, and never remembering what the “subjonctif” is used for.

That time when you saw that little French child speaking French so easily. You know it is his mother tongue, but still, how does he remember when a word is masculine or feminine ? Do the French possess an extra gene in there DNA that allows them to guess it naturally ?

The answer is no.

The only way to make French language easier to learn is to integrate it as a part of your daily life. French immersion schools in France will let you have a taste of how easy French can be once you have to use it.

Helping you learning French, the easier way

You will be surprised how words will come up to your mind once you have no choice. The tenses, the gender of each words will come to you as long as you keep speaking and reading.

Reading in French is essential to be able to get vocabulary, and once you’ve seen the word “voiture” written for the hundredth time with “la” in front, you will then know it is definitely a feminine word.

The French language school in France is the best way to start this project, to give it the first kick you need.

If you want to know more about L’École des Trois Ponts and how you can immerse in the French language, here is your first step.