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Wine and France a love story, founded in History and Geography

Wine and France a love story, founded in History and Geography

It is simply impossible to refer to France without talking about wine. One of the main aspect of French culture revolves around its relation to winery, and even its landscapes in many regions of the country have been shaped by the way vineyards were settled, especially in the southern part of France. Any cooking lessons in a French language course in France would be incomplete if we did not mention wine.

Here is an unavoidable activity in our Immersion Program in France: the Cooking and Gastronomy Tour.

If the history of wine in Gaul brings us back to the time when Etruscan and Greeks brought it to the Mediterranean coast of what is now known as France, the modern development of winery is linked to the way Christianity needed wine for its most important ceremonies. This wine was more used for liturgical reason that pleasure. But this will not last. As early as the 13th century, people started to make classifications of wine, from the best to the worst.

Still now, history and geography helped shape the modern map of French winery, from Bordeaux and its world renowned regions and vineyards, like Médoc, Sauternes, or Saint-Emilion, just to name a few.

Going a little further east, the wine lover will arrive in the “Côte du Rhône” area, one of the birthplace of the Beaujolais wine, which annual release is the pretext for what is now a worldwide event, perfectly marketed by the local winemakers and importers.

Beside the Beaujolais, we also have our local wine, next to Trois Ponts French language school, the Côte Roannaise, made from the same type of grapes than the Beaujolais

Many other regions of France possesses vineyards, like the Champagne that created the fizzy beverage, or even Paris, on the hills of Montmartre, or Alsace with the Gewurztraminer.

But still, one on French people favorite wine, is the one they drink for the aperitif during those long summer nights: Le Rosée.

This pink wine is drink chilled, and if not consider as one of the greatest, its freshness is synonymous to vacations. One of our most popular tours at the Ecole des Trois Ponts, the Cooking and Gastronomy Tour is available in either English or French.