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Five Good Reasons to Learn French

Five Good Reasons to Learn French

For many years you may have heard that learning French is not necessarily useful. In truth, French is useful in a variety of ways and here we propose 5 Good Reasons to get started on your French language training.

Reason #1
200,000,000 people speak French on 5 continents. French is taught in every country in the world and France has at its disposal a network of world-wide cultural institutions, allowing 750,000 people to benefit from French classes every year.

Reason #2
Learning a foreign language is good for the brain, especially when we age, and since we are all getting older….. In 2014, a study led by Scottish researchers showed that bilingualism has a positive effect on cognitive function and on the beginning stages of dementia. A strong motivation to consider an Immersion Program in France !

Reason #3
Can you respond to the following questions:
What do we call a person who speaks three languages?
Response: Trilingual
What do we call a person who speaks two languages?
Response: Bilingual
What do we call a person who speaks one language?
Response: French!
In fact, according to recent data, even though they learn French in France, 1/3 of French citizens don’t speak a foreign language, so if you are traveling to France and want to be understood, knowing a little French can definitely be useful!

Reason #4
Imagine for a moment…. You are in a French patisserie and you say in French, « I would like 3 macarons: one chocolate, the second, raspberry and the third, lemon and also, could you please add that delicious-looking tarte tatin ? » Next, you seat yourself on a sun-soaked terrace at a magnificent counter, and you order your Nespresso® in French (not like George Clooney does in our French television commercials).
Thanks to our Immersion Program in France, consider the pride you will feel by speaking French as you savor typical French dishes …. How awesome! You might even consider learning how to make these French pastries yourself by enrolling in French and cooking courses!

Reason #5
It’s well known that French is the language of love, in fact, many French novels are linked to love: La Princesse de Clèves by Madame de la La Fayette, Belle du Seigneur by Albert Cohen or even Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, etc.
And everyone knows this phrase that has made its ways around the globe: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”!