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How to succeed in learning French in a French immersion school ?

Immersion Program in France - A One to One Course

How to succeed in learning French in a French immersion school ?

The French you learned during your school and college years is a little rusty. Old memories of your time trying to learn (or guess would be more appropriate) if a French word was feminine or masculine.

One question keeps coming back to your mind.

How do French people get it right everytime ? How to they remember all those rules, verb tenses and word gender ?

Make a list of your goals in your French language learning process

If you plan to learn French in immersion, you must ask yourself a few questions. The answers you will get will help you in your learning process.

What are my expectations and goals ? Are those goals reachable ? How much time am I willing to give to reach those goals ? How much will do I have ?

Taking part in an Immersion Program in France can answer many of those questions. But some of them need answers before.

Make sure that you are surrounded not necessarily with people who have the exact same level of French than you do, but that have the same motivation to improve.

Having this appropriate environment will help a lot to learn French in French immersion. In adult french courses, you will have a better chance to encounter people that are just like you and have the same goal: succeeding in learning French.

Your immersion will not last forever so you need to take every aspect of it, and extract the full potential of your time in French language immersion.

French immersion school, a safe place to learn

First of all, even when communicating with other students like you, keep your mindset on “French mode”. Making mistakes is normal, and your immersion is the perfect place to dare speaking and being wrong. Nobody will make fun of you, or belittle your for this. Mistakes is in the heart of any learning process. It is the most efficient way to remember the correct way of speaking French.

Cutting yourself away from an English-speaking environment can also be done by avoiding any contact with English texts or videos. This clearly means that your contact with internet must be as limited as possible.

Getting access to the Best French Immersion Programs is a key element, the one that will offer the appropriate way to learn French in France, by taking away the distraction that could push you back to the ease of speaking English.

  • We could sum it up with a few learning tips:
  • Focus on speaking French, even with other students.
  • Don’t mind making mistakes, this is the best way to learn
  • Run away from the internet

Adult french courses are the most efficient way to make the French immersion school efficient, as younger students may not be as motivated as you are

Being successful in learning French is just a matter of will, and we are helping you getting some.

If you want to know more about L’École des Trois Ponts and how you can immerse in the French language, here is your first step.