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Come and live the experience of taking a walk along the Loire river

Come and live the experience of taking a walk along the Loire river

There are so many different ways leading to the French language. Classic French lessons of course, French language immersion, adult courses in France, French cooking school.

When you stay in one of the most fascinating country, with some of the richest and profound history, and breathtaking landscapes, staying inside is just not an option.

From French language classroom to French landscapes

The region around Riorges and Roanneis home to some of the best walks you can find. An hour away from Lyon, we are located next to the bank of the Loire river, which is the longest stream of water in France.

There is no need to present one of the most famous river in Europe, that has become home to some iconic castles in France. Despite not being located near the world renowned “Châteaux de la Loire”, our region has some of the best and most relaxing walking paths you can imagine. This is also one of the cradles of French Culinary Art, to be discovered during a cook travel.

Don’t worry if you are reluctant to any sport activity, as those walks are adapted to anyone, even those of a certain age or with a physical condition. We make sure that it is pure moment of pleasure, with pauses that will let you enjoy the views that you will be unveiled before your eyes.

Walk your way in the French language immersion

Of course, those walks are not just for the satisfaction of your eyes and senses, but as a part of the French language immersion, you will be guided during those tours by a French speaking guide. We never miss an opportunity to improve speaking in French, listening to explanations in French, interacting in French with the local population that you may encounter is key part of those “promenade” in the French countryside, along the Loire or in small towns. The length of those little journeys is between 5 to 15 km.

So put on your best shoes, pick up some walking poles, and let’s go !

If you want to know more about L’École des Trois Ponts our French language Immersion School, here is your first step : contact us!