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5 tips to choose a French course in France

You’ve tried to learn French from books, at school, with private teachers or at evening French courses for adults, but never in a completely French environment.

Once you are out of the classroom, you don’t need to speak French anymore so you don’t use what you’ve learned and this is the problem. Nobody forces you and the situation you are in does not require you to speak French. Taking a complete French immersion course is the ideal solution.

To get a real taste of what French is all about, nothing is better than attending French courses in France. Once you are out of the classroom, you will have to put into practice what you have just learned.

We probably all know someone that went abroad and came back without having improved his language skills.

The reason is that simply following French courses in France is not enough to improve your capacity to understand and communicate with other French speakers. You need to learn how to speak French and to immerse yourself in French culture and spirit.

Here are 5 ways to choose the best French courses in France:

  1. Get away from Paris : Even though spending a fews days in the capital of France sounds like a great idea, if you want to learn French, this is the best way not to learn anything.  Paris is the most English-speaker friendly city in France. Moreover, by staying in Paris, chances are that you will be among people that are more focused on having fun than taking French courses in France.
  2. Make sure that you are among people that are as motivated as you : This is a direct consequence of point number one. French courses for adults are the best way to learn the language as your fellow students have the motivation and maturity to focus on learning French, just like you.
  3. Having French courses for adults doesn’t need to be boring : This is a pivotal element when choosing the best way to learn French in France. By adding an activity to your courses, you will be able to use the French that you learned in a real situation: it can be cooking lessons in French, walks in French, or anything that will allow you to use what you were taught.
  4. Communicate with the establishment where you will learn French prior to your visit :  Ask questions about the teachers, the level of the class to which you are assigned, the schedule and the intensity of the courses. You need to be completely comfortable when you arrive to avoid a bad surprise.
  5. Read online reviews : An excellent way to verify the quality of a specific French course in France, is by viewing what other people say about it.

Follow those tips and don’t enrol in the first French courses for adults in France you see online.

Feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.