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We could not manage the school opening due to Covid-19 crisis and we will stay closed for our 2020 season. This is a sad decision but conditions are too uncertain and we want our guests to travel safely and be secure at the villa. Conditions should be better in 2021, fingers crossed !
If you want to keep working on your French or support the school, our teachers are available for Skype lessons. Use our contact form on homepage for more information. Merci.
FROM NOW,  book your 2021 French Course in France

Study French in France - General French Course

Build on your existing knowledge of French to improve and extend your conversational skills. Study French in France with our professional, native French-speaking tutors who teach you formal and informal French, with an emphasis on conversational skills.

Our group classes consist of a maximum of 6 per class and all candidates need to score 8 or more points on our French Test in order to qualify for these classes. In addition to our online test, all our students have a one-to-one oral test on the first day, before any classes start. This allows our teachers to assess each student before placing them in an appropriate group.

This course to study French in France is available for all levels, except for complete beginners. In this way, classes are as balanced as possible, helping you to keep pace with your fellow students. And group classes are a great way to develop your knowledge by learning from your own mistakes as well as those of others! If your partner is a complete beginner, he or she may start the course on the same date as you (see above).

19 hours: Monday to Friday 9.15am-12.15pm PLUS two evenings from 5pm - 7pm

2020 Prices for General French Course

Amounts in brackets represent the deposit required. On-site : At the Villa Beaulieu, Off-site : For a more economical option, you can stay with a host family in the neighborhood. This off-site accomodation is a short walk from the Villa Beaulieu (15mn on foot maximum). Breakfast is taken with the host family, while lunches and dinners are shared with other guests and instructors at the Villa Beaulieu.
Room Type 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 4 Weeks
Shared Room on-site €1.240 (€150) €2.410 (€200) €3.440 (€250) €4.500 (€250)
Single Room on-site €1.400 (€150) €2.730 (€220) €3.920 (€250) €5.140 (€250)
Room off-site €1.000 (€150) €1.850 (€150) €2.670 (€150) €3.440 (€150)

Extra activities with extra cost

Petits fours workshop

with our Chef

Tuesday 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Wednesday 5.30pm - 6.30pm
Thursday 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Wine tasting

At the school : Champagne, Grands Crus

Wednesday 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Guided Excursion

with a teacher, 4 options available

Wednesday 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Initiation into Relaxation

at David Grand Spa (website)

Wednesday 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Tuesday or Friday 2.00pm - 5.00pm
according to availability

Prices and conditions available at the school

Study French in France: testimonials

I have attended several other French immersion schools over the last several years.  Ecole des Trois Ponts was absolutely my best experience.  Starting with breakfast and ending with dinner at 9 pm, we spoke French. Only French. But what we learned was so much more than the mechanics of the language.
Through communal meals, we gained not only an appreciation for French food, but also the integral components of conversation and camaraderie to a French meal.
By customizing our daily lessons to student competence, I felt the teachers to be superior.  We were not shoe-horned into a rigid pedagogical structure.  Further, we learned actual spoken French, not stilted, stale communication formulas.
Options for afternoon cooking classes or hiking in the countryside were delightful. Interactions with students from all over the globe, were stimulating.
To study French in France, I highly recommend Ecole des Trois Ponts.

Kathy C. (USA)

2017 was our sixth trip to l’Ecole des Trois Ponts. It remains our favorite French immersion school in France.  The first visit was to attend their cooking school which was focused on baking that week.  The French lessons were just a bonus. However, my wife who did not speak a word of French discovered that she could learn a language.  The instructors are very skilled and passionate about teaching French.  The dinners are like going to a fine restaurant every night. This is the school to study French in France.

Hank M. (USA)

Study French in France with our professional, native French-speaking tutors
Students and some of the tutors to study French in France
Walk in the countryside, between two french courses