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Bye bye 2020 !! At this stage, conditions are still too uncertain, we want our guests to travel safely and be secure at the villa. Next opening is planned on June 6, 2021. fingers crossed !
FROM NOW,  book your 2021 French Course in France

Online French Courses

If you want to keep working on your French or support the school, our teachers are available for Skype lessons. All the details available here:
Online French Courses

Nothing represents more France than French cuisine. Maybe the Eiffel Tower?
When Disney made an entire movie about food, “Ratatouille”, they located the set of their story in France of course. Where else could it be?
“France” and “cooking” are almost interchangeable words as the two are so connected. If you think of what a chef is like, you immediately picture someone with a french accent. Many words used in cooking come actually from the French language… like the word “chef”, or “sous-vide”, “à la carte”, “à la mode”, “bon appétit”, “sommelier”, and of course the word “cuisine” itself.
You wanted to learn French? You already have some vocabulary!

Thus, there is nothing more natural than learning how to cook in France. It is a part of the “French experience” and adds a lot to your vacations, especially when your goal is to learn french.

This is why we developed a method that combines on one hand regular French learning courses for adults, and on the other hand a place and time when you will be required to listen and understand someone speak French and speak or answer back in French.

Our Cooking School

The location of our french cooking school is a key element, whether you are a beginner or already have some cooking skills. Being in Riorges near Roanne, we wanted to make sure that our proximity with Lyon, that many specialists consider to be the cuisine capital city of France is an undeniable plus. The influences from the region’s top chefs and the centuries of experience that gathered in this area are unique on our planet.

Learning how to cook in Riorges, is like learning how to paint in Florence, how to speak about philosophy in Athens or how to make a movie in Hollywood.

Learning French while cooking

During our cooking courses, you will be allowed to speak only in French, and nothing else. This way, you will use in a real situation what you learned previously during the French learning classes. But moreover, you will also learn new cooking techniques, that will be taught to you in French by professionals, that will, at the same time, engrave in your brain the words that you needed at this specific moment. This is a key element in the learning process. When, back home, you will use those cooking techniques that were taught to you, the natural words that will come to your mind will be the one used during the cooking courses.

This is the way the full immersion experience works combined in situation where your only way out is by speaking French. Plus, you will be able to taste the meal you prepared with the entire classroom… and of course, during the meals you will also have to speak French.

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