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Online French Courses

If you want to keep working on your French or support the school, our teachers are available for Skype lessons. All the details available here:

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Testimonial about Online Courses

"Before this year of the pandemic, the best immersion school I have attended the Ecole Des Trois Ponts. I attended two times and each time my french improved. Now, of course, it is not possible to attend the school. What is possible is online lessons by skype or zoom.
I needed a challenge and decided to try the online program. It has been very rewarding. Having a personal french coach has been, tremendously, helped me with my weak areas. So, if you have a love of the french language and want to grow, I encourage you to start the online program".

Kyla, New-York. USA

How to find Ecole des Trois Ponts
whether travelling by road, rail or air

Our address

The Ecole des Trois Ponts, providing French courses in France, is based at the charming 19th century Villa Beaulieu in Riorges, Grand Roanne, about an hour north-west of Lyon. Our address is:

Ecole des Trois Ponts
Villa Beaulieu
645 rue Marechal Foch
42153 Riorges
Grand Roanne

GPS coordinates
Latitude : 46.038661 | Longitude : 4.04371

Please note we are based in Riorges and not in Roanne!

Travel directions

The following information is provided in good faith and is subject to change without notice. Please check with the actual air, rail or bus operator for up-to-date information.

You are coming from: Sie kommen mit:
England Train Car Air
Geneva Train Car  
Paris Roissy Airport Train Car Air
Roissy to Central Paris  All solutions    
Central Paris Train Car  
Lyon Airport All solutions    
Somewhere in Europe All solutions    

From London by Train:

Eurostar: leave London St Pancras station at 9.01am, arrive at Paris Nord at 11.17am, leave Paris Nord at 11.36am with the RER line D (destination: Corbeil-Essonnes), arrive at Paris gare de Lyon at 11.45am, leave Paris gare de Lyon at 12.54pm, arrive at Lyon Part Dieu at 2.56pm, leave Lyon Part Dieu with the subway line B (Gare d’Oullins) at 3.10pm, arrive at Jean Macé at 3.15pm, leave Jean Macé at 3.24pm with the tramway line T2 (Hôtel Région Montrochet, stop : Centre Berthelot), arrive at Lyon Perrache at 3.29pm, leave Lyon Perrache at 4.05pm, arrive in Roanne at 5.25pm.

Eurostar: leave London St Pancras station at 12.04pm, arrive at Lille Europe at 1.26pm, leave Lille Europe at 2.01pm, arrive at Lyon Part-Dieu at 5pm, leave Lyon Part-Dieu at 5.51pm, arrive in Roanne at 7.25pm.

Eurostar: leave London St Pancras station at 1.31pm, arrive at Paris Nord at 3.47pm, leave Paris Nord at 4.06pm with the RER line D (destination: Corbeil-Essonnes), arrive at Paris gare de Lyon at 4.15pm, leave Paris gare de Lyon at 5.51pm, arrive at Le Creusot-Montceau TGV at 7.15pm, leave Le Creusot-Montceau TGV at 7.25pm with the bus, arrive at Roanne gare routière at 9.15pm.

From London by Car:

535 miles / 860 kms. Take M20 to Channel Tunnel for Paris, follow direction Lyon-Autoroute du Soleil, follow A77 then N7 to Lapalisse and Roanne. See also Michelin for details.

From England by Air:
London Heathrow, Stansted or Manchester Airport to Lyon-St.Exupery with British Airways or EasyJet.

From Geneva by Train:
Geneva Cornavin to Lyon Part-Dieu to Roanne

Depart GenevaArrive at Lyon Part-DieuDepart Lyon PerracheArrive at Roanne
7.42am 9.26am 9.51am 11.25am
9.30am 11.22am 11.51am 1.25pm
11.30am 1.25pm 2.39pm 3.44pm
11.51am 2.09pm 2.39pm 3.44pm
1.30pm 3.25pm 4.32pm 5.44pm
3.30pm 5.25pm 5.51pm 7.25pm

From Geneva by Car:
Geneva to Lyon -146 miles / 235 kms – 3 hours. See also Michelin for details.

From Paris Roissy Airport, via Lyon, by Train:
If you are leaving from Roissy-Charles de Gaulle by direct TGV to Lyon Part-Dieu, go to the TGV train station at Terminal II (aérogare II) Trip takes 2 to 2.5 hours.

Trains from Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV to Lyon Part-Dieu station.

Depart Paris Charles de Gaulle 2 TGVArrive at Lyon Part-DieuDepart Lyon Part-Dieu or Lyon PerracheArrive at Roanne
8.54am 11.01am 11.51am 1.25pm
9.58am 12pm 2.39pm 3.44pm
11.57am 2pm 4.05pm 5.25pm
1.57pm 4pm 5.30pm 6.43pm

From Paris Roissy Airport by car:
246 miles / 396 km: 4 hours 40 minutes. See also Michelin for details.

From Paris Roissy airport by Air:
A few airlines fly from Roissy to Lyon, check the prices when buying your flight ticket, sometimes the connecting flight Roissy-Lyon is almost free.

From Roissy Airport to Central Paris:

Take a taxi OR

By Train
Take the Roissy bus RATP No. 351 (Roissy to Paris from 6am to 11pm) from the Airport to Place de l'Opéra (rue Scribe, Paris 8ème). Departure every 15 minutes from aérogare 2, T9 or 1. Price for the ticket is about €6.10. Trip takes 45 to 60 minutes.

By Bus
Take the Air France shuttle bus from the airport to Place de l'Etoile (avenue Carnot). Leaves from Terminal 1 porte 34/Terminal 2 hall C porte 2, hall B porte 2, hall F porte 007 every 15 minutes. Price for the ticket is about €9.91. Trip takes 30 minutes.

By Roissy Rail Bus
Take the "Roissy Rail" bus to Roissy Station and then take RER B to Paris. Different stops available: Gare du Nord, Châtelet les Halles, St. Michel or Denfert Rochereau.

Bus-train combination
The cheapest way but cumbersome with heavy baggage. From Aéroport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (Paris international airport) take free airport shuttle bus that leaves from Aérogare 1 arrival level 28, Aérogare 2A gate 5, Aérogare 2B gate 6 or Aérogare 2D gate 6. At Roissy train station, take the RER B3 train line to central Paris then take Metro to Paris-Gare de Lyon station. Price is about €6.86 (metro included). Leaves every 15 minutes from 5am to 12am midnight trip takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

From Central Paris to Roanne

By Train: you have two options:
1. Via Lyon Part Dieu from Paris gare de Lyon – about 3 hours and 30 minutes
2. Via Le Creusot Montchanin from Paris gare de Lyon – about 3 hours and 15 minutes

1. Via Lyon Part Dieu from Paris gare de Lyon

Depart Paris Gare de LyonArrive at Lyon Part-DieuDepart Lyon Part-DieuArrive at Roanne
8.56am 11.09am 11.39am 12.44pm
9.57am 12.09pm 12.36pm 2.10pm
11.51am 2.09pm 2.39pm 3.44pm
1.49pm 4.09pm 4.32pm 5.44pm
2.57pm 5.09pm 5.19pm 6.44pm
6.27pm 8.26pm 8.51pm 10.20pm

On arrival at Roanne take a taxi to the villa. Price is about €12. If there are no taxis at the station when you arrive, please call us on 04 77 71 53 00.

2. Via Le Creusot TGV

Depart Paris Gare de LyonArrive at Le Creusot TGV & BusDepart Le Creusot TGV BusArrive at Roanne
7.52am 9.16pm 9.25pm 11.16am
1.49pm 3.13pm 3.25pm 5.21pm
5.51pm 7.15pm 7.25pm 9.15pm

From Central Paris by Car:
From Paris to Riorges Ecole des Trois Ponts: Takes 4 hours 30 minutes; 247 miles / 397 km. See also Michelin for details.

From Lyon Airport

From Lyon Airport by Taxi
Take a pre-booked taxi from the airport to the villa - we can organise a direct taxi pick-up from the airport or from Lyon city to the villa. Please contact us for the taxi reservation in advance. The cost of the taxi is about €185. Trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

From Lyon Airport by Car
You can rent an automatic car with Avis at the airport, but we recommend that if you can drive a manual then it's easier to pick that car up in Roanne. 72 miles / 115km from airport to Villa Beaulieu in Riorges. Trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes. See Michelin for more details.

From Lyon Airport by Tram & Train
Take the Tram Express at St. Exupéry airport direct to Lyon Part-Dieu train station. Every 15 minutes from 5am to midnight. Price €15.20 for a single ticket and €26.70 for a return ticket. For more information see www.rhonexpress.fr

From Lyon Part-Dieu to Roanne by train
Train from Lyon Part-Dieu station: You can check the timetable with SNCF the rail operator, as public holidays and Saturday timetables are different to the rest of the week.

Depart Lyon Part-DieuArrive at Roanne
7.51am 9.25am
9.51am 11.25am
11.01am 12.44pm
11.51am 1.25pm
4.01pm 5.44pm

From somewhere in France or Europe

From France / Europe By Train
For information on train routes in France, go to http://uk.voyages-sncf.com/en/ and follow information schedule and then timetable.

For information on train routes across Europe, go to http://www.raileurope.com/us/