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Testimonial by Anna Glasier after her third visit to Ecole des Trois Ponts. Do not hesitate to share your experience by writing articles or publishing a review on your favourite blogs !

Témoignage de Anna Glasier après sa troisième visite à l'Ecole des Trois Ponts. N'hésitez pas à partager votre expérience en écrivant de petits articles ou en postant sur vos blogs préférés !

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Painting at the Ecole des 3 Ponts...it’s quite an art!

You haven’t planned your summer vacation yet and are stuck for some ideas.....going to the the beach, yes, that would be fun it’s true, but not very original.
What to do? You’ve thought about it, but nothing is inspiring you. So, if you are truly short on ideas, we can suggest some for you.

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French cooking

If you hear someone say, "beef bourguignon, ratatouille, macarons, chocolate mousse, crème brûlée", then there is a strong likelihood that you exclaimed "ah!" and, without doubt, you started to salivate!

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Five Good Reasons to Learn French

For many years you may have heard that learning French is not necessarily useful. In truth, French is useful in a variety of ways and here we propose 5 Good Reasons to get started on your French language training.

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