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learn french No time to waste: the most efficient way to learn French fast

The learning process is often see, and rightfully so, as time consuming. Some domains are particularly concerned by this issue. Learning a language is one of them.

And when it comes to languages, some of them are easier to master, speak and writer than others. Difficulties can come from the writing system, alphabet or ideograms, the correlation between the sound of the word and how it is written, the grammar, if words have cases, or if verbs have tenses, and how many exist. All those parameter that are a part of the identity of a language also build up its level of difficulties.

French can be classified as one of those language that have the reputation to take time to be relatively fluent in.

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french school in france

Having a conversation in France can be quite disturbing the first time.

You went through the process of learning French at school, you have been able to master some vocabulary that should allow you to have a correct level of communication. Your understanding of the way verb tenses is not excellent but quite good enough to make sure people will understand you. 

Understanding French people speaking: a challenge

Now you feel you have the tools to have a conversation with a group of French people.

You came to meet them with a certain level of confidence, and at the very moment they opened their mouth, you understood that you won’t be able to follow the conversation.

The speed, the vocabulary, even some accents you never heard of, all of that combined dragged you into despair.

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french cooking courses

Looking for the best French language Holidays ? Spice it up with some cooking

You finally made up you mind. After postponing this little dream of yours for so long, it is finally time to fulfill it. The best holidays ever are what you have been looking for an eternity.

What really makes great holidays ?

But what are the best holidays ever ? A cruise on the Mediterranean Sea, going from Athens in Greece to Bari in Italy, and from Monaco near the French Riviera to Barcelona in Spain ? Or maybe just resting on the white sand of the most beautiful beach of the Pacific Ocean in Bora Bora ? It could be something else. Not just to rest.

You need to make your brain work, and come back from your holidays changed in an unexpected way, improving your skills in several fields.

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So many French language courses in France and all you need is to get the one that will fit your needs. Adult French courses have the specificity to allow people with the same interest to get together and focus on one goal : improving their level in French and getting the most out of their French language lessons in France.

Being surrounded by the wrong crowd

In many cases, adult students willing to learn French in France are disappointed by their experience, not necessarily because of the courses themselves, but essentially because they realise that other students are not attending French courses for the same reason as they do.

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Walk along the Loire river

There are so many different ways leading to the French language. Classic French lessons of course, French language immersion, adult courses in France, French cooking school.

From French language classroom to French landscapes

When you stay in one of the most fascinating country, with some of the richest and profound history, and breathtaking landscapes, staying inside is just not an option.

The region around Riorges and Roanne is home to some of the best walks you can find. An hour away from Lyon, we are located next to the bank of the Loire river, which is the longest stream of water in France.

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5 tips to choose a French course in France

You’ve tried to learn French from books, at school, with private teachers or at evening French courses for adults, but never in a completely French environment.

Once you are out of the classroom, you don’t need to speak French anymore so you don’t use what you’ve learned and this is the problem. Nobody forces you and the situation you are in does not require you to speak French. Taking a complete French immersion course is the ideal solution. To get a real taste of what French is all about, nothing is better than attending French courses in France.

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5 tips to learn French

The French are serious about two things : their food and their language. When it comes to one of these two aspects of french culture, things can start to become intimidating when you want to learn the French language.

There aren't many countries that have an institution, founded in 1634 and dedicated to its language, like “L’Académie Française”. Its members are made up of famous contemporary French writers. The “Académie” publishes its very own dictionary and only eight editions have been published in the last 400 years. They take their time to examine every aspect of a word that is included. The present edition has been worked on since the 1980’s and is not yet finished !

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What you need to focus on when learning a new language

Hello lovers of France and French and new learners of the language of Molière! Today, we present you what you need to focus on when learning a new language.

"Pour chaque langue que l’on parle, on vit une nouvelle vie. Celui qui ne connaît qu’une seule langue ne vit qu’une seule fois" – proverbe tchèque

Yes, learning a new language leads to opening up to a new culture. In addition, it is an excellent way to boost your memory and help your mental health.

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Seasonal fruit aspic and decorative plate garnish

A fine recipe from the 3 Ponts!

INGREDIENTS for 4 servings

  • 3 or 4  different types of seasonal fruits
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • 60 g brown sugar
  • 1 nob of butter
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
  • 1 tablespoon strawberry jam
  • 1 tablespoon woodland fruit jam
  • 1 tablespoon apricot jam
  • 1 tablespoon rum
  • 2 gelatin sheet

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A typical cow of Roanne area

The Charolais Festival, recognized at a national level, takes place this weekend for its 9th annual exposition.  The event spotlights the agricultural world through numerous tastings, competitions, presentations and discoveries.  
This celebration brings together participants from the beef industry and the general public in order to present ways of better recognizing and understanding the role of the farmer, to secure and strengthen the links between different industry participants from producer to consumer, and to promote quality bovine meats, by way of the Charolais breed.

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