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If you want to keep working on your French or support the school, our teachers are available for Skype lessons. All the details available here:

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Testimonial about Online Courses

"Before this year of the pandemic, the best immersion school I have attended the Ecole Des Trois Ponts. I attended two times and each time my french improved. Now, of course, it is not possible to attend the school. What is possible is online lessons by skype or zoom.
I needed a challenge and decided to try the online program. It has been very rewarding. Having a personal french coach has been, tremendously, helped me with my weak areas. So, if you have a love of the french language and want to grow, I encourage you to start the online program".

Kyla, New-York. USA

Best French language school to learn how to speak French

How to choose the perfect and best French language school in France ?

Once you’ve decided to put yourself in total French language immersion, you need to make another important decision. Which French Language School should you choose ?

Different factors must be taken into account when taking your decision.

A few tips to make the correct choice for your French language school in France

You first need to ask yourself what kind of French language courses in France you want to attend. For adult French courses you might want to make sure that you will not we surrounded by students that do not have the same motivations as you. We recommend that you investigate with each French Language School the general motivations of most adult students.

Another aspect that you should look into consideration is where you want to learn how to speak French. Being in immersion in Paris or in “province” (meaning outside of Paris and its suburb) is not the same at all. And even if you decide to go for French language courses in “province”, each region of France is different, and moreover, if you want to select a French Language School in a city or in the countryside is another factor that will increase your immersion experience.

The deeper you go into France, the better your French immersion will be.

One of the key aspect of your French Language School is about who you are coming with you. If you are with your husband or wife, just by yourself, or even with your children is another element to make the good choice. Remember that full immersion means that everyone will be speaking French at all time, even during meals. Make sure that the persons coming with you are perfectly aware of the French immersion rules. If you are planning to come with your family, you will need to check if the French Language School and its facilities are suitable for the rest of the family. Your French immersion experience need to be a good time for everyone.

French courses that will meet your expectations

Altogether, choosing the perfect French language school in France, is making sure that your needs and expectations are met by the standards of the school you decided to go to.

To be certain you are not making any mistakes, contact the school and ask your questions, explain what are your goals by learning French in France, if you will be coming by yourself, as a couple, if both will be attending the French courses or not, etc. This will provide you with the best informations to select the best French language school.

If you want to know more about our French Immersion School L'École des Trois Ponts, here is your first step: contact us!