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We could not manage the school opening in March due to Covid-19 impacts and will stay closed for a while. If you want to keep working on your French or support the school, our teachers are available for Skype lessons. Use our contact form on homepage for more information. Merci.
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A typical cow of Roanne area

The Charolais Festival, recognized at a national level, takes place this weekend for its 9th annual exposition.  The event spotlights the agricultural world through numerous tastings, competitions, presentations and discoveries.  
This celebration brings together participants from the beef industry and the general public in order to present ways of better recognizing and understanding the role of the farmer, to secure and strengthen the links between different industry participants from producer to consumer, and to promote quality bovine meats, by way of the Charolais breed.

A meeting of animals and livestock producers

This breed, which is globally recognized for its succulent meat and authenticity, strongly differentiates our terroir, an area of lush, wooded landscapes at the crossroads of Burgundy and Auvergne.
This is a wonderful opportunity to see more than 450 Charolais cattle, to attend a livestock breeders’ competition, and of course to sample some Charolais beef.
At the École des Trois Ponts, during our special weeks of French and Countryside Walks, we have many chances to see these cows in their native environment.  During mealtimes, we serve dishes using quality ingredients and our Chef Lilian is proud to incorporate Charolais beef in multiple variations: in stews, filets….