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We could not manage the school opening due to Covid-19 crisis and we will stay closed for our 2020 season. This is a sad decision but conditions are too uncertain and we want our guests to travel safely and be secure at the villa. Conditions should be better in 2021, fingers crossed !
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Test your French and stay with us to improve your French in France

Welcome to our extensive French test area - anyone can have a go! If you're applying for one of our French language courses, please do the test below. Your result will help us to assess your level and plan classes to suit you. Answer the test without any help, so no dictionaries nor books please! And if you don't know the answer, leave it blank and go to the next question.

At the end of the test, click on the Result button below and you will be presented how many correct answers you provided. Make a note of this number as you will need it when completing our application form to learn French in France and take one of our French courses in France.

Assess your French with this basic french test:

Doing test or learning via Internet is a good solution but learn French in France is still the best !

1. Nous ... une voiture.

2. Je ... à la gare.

3. Ils ont ... belle maison.

4. .... opéra est de Mozart.

5. Cette montre est à lui, c'est .... montre.

6. Je mange beaucoup ... croissants.

7. Nous allons à Paris .... voiture.

8. Parle t-il à Isabelle ? Oui, il .... parle.

9. Regardez-vous la télévision ? Oui, je .... regarde.

10. Allez-vous au cinéma ? Oui, j'.... vais.

11. Boit-il du vin ? Oui, il .... boit.

12. Hier, il .... parti de France

13. Nous .... en vacances demain.

14. Quand j'étais enfant, nous.... une grande maison.

15. Vous serez sage : ..... sage !

16. Je suis resté en France ..... 2 semaines.

17. Il souhaite que nous .... en France

18. Quand je suis arrivé, mon ami......

19. Quelles vacances, il ne cesse.... pleuvoir.

20. Nous .... voulu étudier le français.

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